Wyrd - wrath & revenge

In 36,453 BBY , philosophers and scientists from several Star systems gathered on Tython to share mystical knowledge. The Force was "discovered." Unfortunately, in 25,793 BBY , several Tythan scholars began using their knowledge of the Force to pursue power, leading to the beginning of the Force Wars . Peace-minded monks that survived the destruction on Tython established the Jedi Order in 25,783 BBY .


"The gods," used specifically for the godly tribe including Odin, Thor, and Tyr (in contrast to the Vanir, Njord, Frey, and Freya), but also used in general for all the deities. Generally more associated with air, fire, and the mechanical or artificial; whereas the Vanir are associated with earth, water, and the natural or organic - though these are by no means firmly set boundaries. The Aesir and the Vanir once held a war, which, since their battle-might was equal, ended in a draw. The truce was settled by the creation of the being Kvasir (see below) and the trading of hostages: Odin's brother Hoenir and the giant Mimir went to the Vanir, and Njord and Frey were sent among the Aesir (Freya seems to have come along of her own choice), where, according to Ynglinga saga , they held the role of "priests".

Wyrd - Wrath & RevengeWyrd - Wrath & RevengeWyrd - Wrath & RevengeWyrd - Wrath & Revenge