Nosferatu - the gathering [live at the powerhaus]

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic and influential films of all time, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is justly famed for the skewed, anxiety-inducing angles of its painted backdrops, and for the nightmarish tension of its macabre storyline, in which Francis ( Friedrich Feher ) attempts to solve a series of murders that he suspects to be the work of an insane carnival hypnotist, Dr Caligari ( Werner Krauss ), and his somnambulist sideshow attraction, Cesare ( Conrad Veidt ).

Though more of a biological quality rather than a commonly used ability, apostles have malice flowing through their bodies; as such, their bodily fluids can have various effects on contacted subjects. Ganishka 's Man-Made Beherit is a vat made from stitched-together apostles, whose amniotic fluids are used to turn embryos of pregnant women into rapidly-developing demon children , [15] and by the emperor himself to initiate a second, artificial reincarnation. [16] By raping Casca , Femto was able to taint her two-week-old embryo into a mutated fetus that was born in under a month. [17] Guts has been using the Dragon Slayer to kill apostles for such an extended time that their blood and malice have tempered the sword, imbuing it with astral properties suitable for inflicting damage on ethereal beings. [18]

The Band of the Falcon's big break comes when they find themselves under the employ of the wealthy Tudor feudal lord Gennon . Realizing the perverted nobleman fancies him, and that Gennon poses a faster, safer route to amassing and funding an army, Griffith sells his body to the man in exchange for a substantial fortune to give his Falcons a better chance of survival. [21]

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Nosferatu - The Gathering [Live At The Powerhaus]Nosferatu - The Gathering [Live At The Powerhaus]Nosferatu - The Gathering [Live At The Powerhaus]Nosferatu - The Gathering [Live At The Powerhaus]